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1. I would leave the previous quality wall insulation. However, Look at it and make sure there is not any dampness or mildew in it.

Whilst simple gray concrete remains installed most often, more folks are catching on to the stunning consequences attainable with attractive concrete-and observing the instant suppress appeal a ornamental driveway may give to any home, it does not matter what the style (see Which Ornamental Concrete Design and style Is true for Your Home?

A. You can find in essence two types of stain available, reactive and nonreactive. The reactive (also called acid stain) consists of an acid and water Remedy mixed with metallic salts that respond with the lime from the concrete. This chemical reaction sorts a bond with the very best layer from the concrete creating the color of your picking out.

We intend to tie into HVAC for heat and air return and run dehumidifier when vital. I did the dampness examination with the taped foil about the walls, no humidity on both side.

My dilemma is, is this a good suggestion, what variety of rigid board should I exploit? My understanding is that the polyiso foamboard does not delay to any kind of moisture but features a higher r element per inch when compared to the extruded nevertheless the extruded holds up better to humidity. Should the polyiso is foil confronted does that safeguard it in opposition to moisture and work as a vapor barrier. As well as in either case what is the greatest to employ for your vapor barrier and where??

@ Robert Rein – Building a house that far north I'd personally opt for at least two inches of DOW extruded tongue and grove (other brands are fantastic as well), joints taped and sealed.

Greetings, I’d like to obtain your advice on insulating my basement. We live in MA in the Center townhouse with a walkout basement. A person wall is completely beneath grade, two aspect walls are shared with neighbor’s basement and back again wall is completely higher than resource grade studded with fg/vapor barrier/door/Home windows. Place is approx 800 square ft. The concrete walls are poured. I’d like to:

Each sealer maker or supplier has suggestions for how to keep up their merchandise. It's strongly advised you follow their tips for the kind of coloring system you have got Because the color company has been dealing with installations, servicing, and maintenance issues with their products for many years-they know what works.

For this reason I frequently get questions about which sort of foam board insulation to use and what R values these products offer.

You will find 3 basic foam insulation board products on the market generated below a number of distinctive manufacturer names. The basic different types of foam board insulation include things like: polystyrene, polyurethane or polyisocyanurate.

@ Debbie – I might put the plastic side towards the concrete. No need for vapor barrier in the event you seal all of the joints perfectly. For foil try this faced polyiso i counsel you get a good quality foil tape (employed for duct function…..although not duct tape).

Left unprotected or weakened by a bad combine design or finishing work, the floor of concrete “dusts” and erodes slowly right up until fine aggregate and sand particles are exposed. This identical system takes place in colored concrete. The solution is to purchase concrete from a supplier who provides mixes designed for durability and an installer with encounter in finishing “architectural” concrete. Then keep concrete dye for countertops colored concrete new looking by guarding it with periodic applications of an excellent apparent sealer.

The remaining variables, while not as significant, are important and need for being considered and controlled: The correct curing of concrete is vital to lessen surface shrinkage cracking and obtain the appropriate energy.

The good thing about diligent maintenance will likely be beautiful colored concrete that looks great For several years after it had been installed.

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